John Scott - Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner



Can be carried out on:
Fabric suites and other upholstered furniture
Leather suites

Can be carried out where carpet seems have split, cuts, burns, pet damage etc have occurred, also the re-attachment of buttons can be carried out, as well as other repairs to upholstery.

Re-installation of carpets after redecoration or other building works


Having your carpets and soft furnishings kept clean has many benefits for your business:

Your callers are more likely to use your services – more turnover.
The indoor air quality will be higher and therefore – your staff will be healthier
Carpets will last longer so saving you costs
Cleaning can be carried out with minimal or no disruption to your normal business activity.
Ideally the carpet should be maintained so that it never looks soiled.


Pets, children and husbands are normally held to be responsible for most of the soiling of domestic carpets, and not necessarily in that order.

With the increased use of hard floor in the home, any carpeting, rugs and upholstery have to work harder to trap all the dust and foot borne debris tracked into the home. It is therefore more important than ever to vacuum these items regularly. But vacuuming can only remove the loose soil and any that is sticky by nature will have to be removed by cleaning.

All carpeting and most upholstery can be effectively cleaned to remove this sticky soil. Not only are the soils removed but any smells that have built up are removed too.

Accidents caused by pets, illness or the infirm can affect the quality of life in the home. The cleaning can usually remove all traces of the offending matter, leaving a pleasant environment.

All types of carpet, rugs, fabric or leather upholstered suites, chairs, headboards and even large cuddly toys can be successfully cleaned and restored, to bring your items back to their very best condition. There are several cleaning methods and it is my task to identify the most suitable one appropriate to the degree of soiling and to the type of fibre and construction method used in the manufacture.

Extend the life of your carpets and upholstery by having them cleaned regularly.   You should vacuum your carpets AND your upholstery regularly, this removes most of the dry soil and keeps them cleaner for longer. You can prevent a great deal of soil from being spread throughout the home by having an entrance mat, large enough to trap the soil from several footsteps, and also by encouraging occupants and visitors to remove their footwear at the entrance.

I am often asked how often the carpets and upholstery should be cleaned.  There is no simple answer to this question as it depends on many factors not least of which is the number of occupants, pets and the condition of the paths leading to the property. But generally every 12 - 24 months but if the home is busy then more frequently would be advised.
Poor indoor air quality- where there is dust etc floating in the air - can aggrivate and may even trigger breathing difficulties such as asthma. Carpets help to maintain good indoor air quality because as the dust settles the carpet fibres make it difficult for the dust to become airbourne again, and it remains trapped until removed by vacuuming. Unlike hard floors where it is easily wafted up in to the air by the air movement caused by normal household activity such as walking, opening and shutting doors.

In addition to cleaning Carpets and upholstery I can also provide the following services:

FABRIC PROTECTION: The application of a protector helps to keep it clean by making your vacuuming more effective, by buying you time to deal with any accidental spillages, and by making the cleaning process more effective.   The protector can be applied to new or freshly cleaned carpets and upholstery

SANITISE/DEODORISE: Sometimes smells build up over a period of time or there may have been an accident which has caused a bad odour. Generally the problem can be completely resolved.

REPAIRS: Burns, cuts, burst seams in carpets can be repaired and also relaid/reinstalled if it has been lifted for decorating or other building works.

Some upholstery repairs can be carried out and I offer a FREE re-attachment of buttons on furniture if the piece is cleaned by me at the same time.

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